My Commitment to You

My commitment to you is I will work hard to ensure the Village of Brown Deer is recognized for the value and jewel it is, I will be responsive to you, our government will be transparent and inclusive of all residents.

Your Voice is Heard and Areas of Focus are:

• Business Retention and Creation
• Building Strategic Partnerships
• Responsible Government Spending
• Saving Our Library
• Becoming a Destination on the North Shore

As your current Village of Brown Deer Trustee, my committee assignments are Traffic and Public Works and Tourism. I’m excited to share feedback as I visit and connect with neighbors in the community.

“A welcome change to the BD village board. I am so happy to see Mrs Montgomery running for Village President. She has been a welcome treasure to the Brown Deer community.”

– L. Wilkerson, village resident

Elect Wanda J. Montgomery President for Village of Brown Deer

Election April 2nd, 2019

Let’s move forward, together.

Moving forward together.

Moving forward together those were the words I spoke last year when I won your vote of confidence to become the next Trustee on the Brown Deer Village Board.

Although I’m new to the Village Board I’m not new to service or leadership.  I’ve led four non-profit organizations, I currently serve as President of the Board of Directors for National Black Child Development Institute-Milwaukee Affiliate and the African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin.  I have leadership roles in the broader community such as, Co-Chair of Life Course Initiative for Healthy Families (LIHF) with Tom Barrett, Mayor of the City of Milwaukee and a member of the African American Women’s Roundtable advising Chris Abele, County Executive of Milwaukee County.  And, I am Director of Community Partnerships for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

So, today I announce my candidacy to become the next Village President in the Village of Brown Deer.  I’ve spent this time learning about general operations of the Village and specific needs from you as citizens.  I’ve heard you when I’ve visited with you in your homes, in coffee shops, at restaurants, at your block parties, community potlucks, at the Trustee meetings, during Village activities, as I’m walking throughout the Village, on the Brown Deer Community Forum Facebook page and through direct messages via Facebook, email and phone calls.

I’ve heard you say, we want more businesses, please save our library, be fiscally responsible, I want to be involved, the Trustees need to work with the Brown Deer School Board and how can we improve our image in Brown Deer.

I want to build on what I’ve learned.  I want to represent you in the Village and beyond.  I want to be your voice at tables throughout the community and county that impact you the most.  I want to build partnerships that will bring about positive change in Brown Deer.

My commitment to you are:

  • Being Accessible
  • Being Transparent
  • Being Fiscally Responsible
  • Being Inclusive
  • Building on our Strengths
  • Building Strategic Partnerships

I want to hear from you!  I also ask for your Vote on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019.  Please join my campaign and let’s move forward together!



Forward. Together.

7H4A1873Greetings Brown Deer Residents,

It is with great emotions that I want to thank you for your vote of confidence. I am humbled by your support and by every vote that you cast on my behalf.

I want to also acknowledge all of the many volunteers who stepped up to support my campaign by your prayers, political advice, donations, transportation service, calls, lit drops and just being a listening ear. You were all awesome.

As I move into this new role I will continue to need your support. I invite you to attend Village Board meetings, join a committee or just become more involved in the neighborhood in which you live.

Let’s move forward together.

Why I’m Running

Montgomery for Board Trustee

  • Because I am passionate about the quality of life in the Brown Deer community – and I want to make sure residents know their elected officials and who to contact when they have a need


  • I want to engage residents in conversation and action that fosters greater economic development in the Brown Deer community


  • I want to encourage neighbors to “know their neighbor” through the Brown Deer Block Watch program to help reduce crime


  • I want to form local government partnerships to make sure Brown Deer residents are considered when decisions are made at the county and state level


  • I am running because I care about the same things all Brown Deer residents care about (safety, property values, quality schools, a thriving community for families to enjoy with affordable housing and property taxes to attract future generations).

Black Women in Politics

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 10.14.17 AM
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There are Black women running for political office all over the United States, and we need to know who they are. It is abundantly clear that we need to start following the lead of Black women, because we show up and do what is important, even when we are being disenfranchised and sabotaged from doing the work. 2018 is especially important because midterm elections are coming up. We need all the information we can get.

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Wanda Montgomery

Running for Brown Deer Village Trustee in Wisconsin
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About the Trustee Role

The Village Board of Trustees is an elected governmental body, made up of one elected Village President and six elected Village Trustees. Each member of the Board is elected to serve a three year term. Every year, two Trustee seats are up for re-election. Every three years the Village President seat is up for re-election. The Board is also responsible for appointing the Village Manager, who serves as the chief administrative officer in the Village and oversees the day-to-day operations.

The Village Board is responsible to the residents of the Village of Brown Deer for the provision of municipal services. To assist and provide recommendations to the Board, citizens are appointed to serve on various standing committees of the Board. Those residents interested in serving on one of the committees are invited to contact the Village President or Village Manager’s Office.
Regular meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Earl McGovern Board Room (Room 100) at Village Hall. The meeting agendas and minutes are also posted on the website, or can be reviewed at Village Hall.
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