My Commitment to You

My commitment to you is I will work hard to ensure the Village of Brown Deer is recognized for the value and jewel it is, I will be responsive to you, our government will be transparent and inclusive of all residents.

Your Voice is Heard and Areas of Focus are:

• Business Retention and Creation
• Building Strategic Partnerships
• Responsible Government Spending
• Saving Our Library
• Becoming a Destination on the North Shore

As your current Village of Brown Deer Trustee, my committee assignments are Traffic and Public Works and Tourism. I’m excited to share feedback as I visit and connect with neighbors in the community.

“A welcome change to the BD village board. I am so happy to see Mrs Montgomery running for Village President. She has been a welcome treasure to the Brown Deer community.”

– L. Wilkerson, village resident

Elect Wanda J. Montgomery President for Village of Brown Deer

Election April 2nd, 2019

Let’s move forward, together.

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